What Is Wealthy Affiliate For and About?

Do you feel like your head is spinning with all the different courses out there? The internet is full of misleading and confusing information about affiliate marketing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned affiliate, Wealthy Affiliate has something for you! But what is Wealthy Affiliate exactly? I’d like to offer you a closer look at what Wealthy Affiliate is For and About? My focus is to help you determine if Wealthy Affiliate is the right platform for you.

Quick SummaryWealthy Affiliate
OwnersKyle Loudoun & Carson Lim
InvestmentStarter Membership Free
Premium $19 for the first month ($49 thereafter)
Live Training4 to 5 LIVE Expert Classes Each Week
Training On-DemandCountless On-Demand Tutorials
Domain Purchase Direct From Wealthy AffiliateYES~Private Domain Name Registration & Unlimited Email Addresses
Website Hosting Direct From Wealthy Affiliate SSL Secure Image
YES~Powerful & Secure WordPress Hosting
Research Tools IncludedJaaxy _ The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool
YES~Jaaxy -The Worlds Most Advanced Keyword Tool Developed by Affiliate Marketers
Skill LevelFrom Beginner to Expert

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an agreement between you and a merchant (retailer or company) to promote their product or service. When a customer buys the promotional product through your affiliate links, you earn a commission. Earning money via affiliate marketing is highly sought after.

what is wealthy affiliate for and about

Merchants no longer think of affiliate marketing as an alternative approach to promotion. It has become a primary source of revenue for both the merchant and the affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a win-win way to make money. You’re helping companies by promoting their products and services while earning income for yourself in the process! Explore this topic further by checking out this article, What is Affiliate Marketing About?

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate’s headquarters are in Victoria, British Columbia, and was founded in 2005 by Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun. They had already been successful with online businesses before launching WA.

what is wealthy affiliate for and about
what is wealthy affiliate for and about
what is wealthy affiliate for and about

Wealthy Affiliate started as a keyword search tool for Pay-Per-Click campaigns, but soon the site grew to be much more than that. It became an entire community of people centered around earning income on their own terms from anywhere around the world without needing lots of start-up capital or knowledge beforehand!

Wealthy Affiliate is like an all-inclusive platform that makes learning and implementing new skills simple and straightforward.

Each week there are 4-5 live classes by marketing experts, tons of on-demand tutorials, website hosting, domain purchase, keyword research tool, community support, first-class technical support, 1 on 1 coaching, and so much more.

How easy would it be to be able to purchase your domain, have all your keyword tools, website builder, hosting, website support right inside the WA platform? Well, you don’t have to guess because this is what is included with your membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is always live and available 24/7. Check out my full Wealthy Affiliate review.

The community has come a long way since the start-up was first launched in 2005. WA dominates with authority online and is one of the largest sources of traffic on the internet today!

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

The Wealthy Affiliate community is like a vibrant oasis in the desert for marketers of all skill levels.

Whether you’re just getting started and have no idea where to begin, or if you’ve been blogging and marketing on your own but need some guidance or advice then WA is right there waiting for you.

Laptop Lifestyle

If you are a blogger and want to help to monetize your content, Wealthy Affiliate educates about advertising revenue streams that can work for any blogger. Google Adsense is just one of many options to consider; it’s the most popular among writers and social media influencers.

WA has everything you need, even if you’re an established marketer looking to expand into new opportunities through online channels but don’t know where/how or what resources you need…the list goes on…….

Those who want to make an additional stream of income

Those looking to learn internet marketing.

Looking to future-proof your finances with passive income

Those struggling to find the best methods of how to make money online.

Seeking guidance and mentorship with your new affiliate marketing business

Searching for support of a highly engaged and positive community.

They take care of all the “technical” stuff for you so you can focus on things that matter…like building your business!

The most affordable and reliable domain experience on the web.

What Wealthy Affiliate Is Not About?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme, and this is made absolutely clear from the get-go, meaning the first day you join.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches long-term strategies. After joining Wealthy Affiliate, it will take you several months, to start earning income.

That’s is the very reason, in my opinion, why Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate. And like any business, building a trustworthy legitimate, and authority-driven business takes time. There are no shortcuts or way around that.

So, if you are in search of a get-rich-quick kind of program, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Domain Features to the Industry

Wealthy Affiliate



Domain Cost




Renewal Price




Privacy Protection




SSL Certificate




Email Accounts


$24 -5 accts

$15 -5 accts

Premium DNS








Flat Rate Guarantee




Total Cost




What is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Starting a new business is not an easy task, but the tools and support system that Wealthy Affiliate offers can help make it simpler!

If you are just starting out in internet marketing this program will teach you how to start earning income online with an extensive number of training courses.

You’ll also receive valuable tips from experienced marketers you can put into play right away. So don’t worry if your experience is limited.

Not only is Wealthy Affiliate an excellent teaching platform, but it also delivers an all-in-one domain and web hosting. Who needs the worry away of keeping your website up and running all day every day?

what is wealthy affiliate for and about

A domain purchase through Wealthy Affiliate includes all the “add-ons” that are usually an additional cost with other domain registrars. Just take a look at the comparison table below if you were to buy a $13.99 domain through WA.

Five-Star Customer Support

Five-Star Service does not have to always be associated with luxury items. Wealthy Affiliate’s technical support team is efficient and quick to respond.

Live chat — your questions are answered in a matter of minutes

24/7/365 WordPress hosting support

Direct private message to Kyle & Carson (owners) for Premium members

Notification that your email has been received

Respond to all member’s questions

Customer service is easy to access

Comment area dedicated for each live training session and on-demand tutorials

Contact me through Wealthy Affiliate @KCSquirrels Wealthy-Affiliate-KCSquirrels-profile for any questions regarding WA that you may have or via my contact page here at Marmalade Monopoly. I will be there to welcome you.

Final Thoughts

What I have learned and experienced through Wealthy Affiliate turned my online business around, and it’s been nothing short of phenomenal!

The training, tools, member, and community support within the program are a cut above any other platform or program I have experienced.

  • WA’s monthly fee is extremely reasonable considering the benefits it delivers. The training, the tools, website hosting, site management, technical support, community support, marketing connections, and so much knowledge to take you to the next level and beyond.
  • Pay via PayPal and if you are not happy, you can cancel at any time. Do so through your PayPal account and cancel the recurring monthly payments. No fuss with contacting anyone.

Complimentary 7-day free Membership

I’d like to offer you a complimentary 7-day starter membership and if you decide to continue your first month’s membership will be $19. Your first month’s $49 fee will automatically be reduced to $19.

If you decide Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, the 7-day starter membership is still yours to enjoy for the week. Join using any of the links in this article or the button below.

No Money Upfront & No Credit Card Needed to Sign up

Imagine what your life would be like if you had a successful home-based or entrepreneurial venture to build on?

It could change everything for you – that is exactly what belonging to Wealthy Affiliate is for and about!

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