GeneratePress Free vs GeneratePress Premium

Are you wondering whether you should switch to a Generate Press theme, stick with the GeneratePress free version, or upgrade to GeneratePress Premium theme? This is a common question this GeneratPress Free Vs. GeneratePress Premium review is to help you decide which one best meets your needs. Let’s take these two head-to-head and see what they have to offer. Is either one a good choice?

Quick SummaryGeneratePress vs GeneratePress Premium
Total Investment$59 Premium or Free version
DeveloperTom Usborne
Good forEveryone, including bloggers, small business owners, and marketers who want to generate more leads and conversions from their website
RecommendYes (Easy to use, great quality, first-class customer support)

What is a Theme?

A theme is what changes your site’s layout and design. You have the control to customize its appearance, including the layout, typography (font), color, and other design elements.

How are GeneratePress Free and Premium Similar

2 Versions

Generatepress offers two versions, Free and Premium. The free version has quite a few customization restrictions, while the Premium version allows you to do whatever you please and without limitations!

works great with Block Editor (Gutenberg)

And with the WordPress Block Editor (Gutenberg), GeneratePress supports page builders like Beaver Builder 2, Elementor, and Divi. Better yet, try GenerateBlocks Pro as a superior replacement for page builders, which are known to bog down or slow a website.

Fast Loading Speed & Lightweight

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use interface, a good balance between fast page loads, and a responsive design, then GeneratePress is for you!

The performance of this lightweight theme will not slow down your site, so it’s perfect for helping your site rankings. Yes, your site speed has an impact on user engagement which is taken into account with ranking.

The speed load time is incredibly fast, one of the fastest I have ever seen in my years of affiliate marketing.

Check out my GeneratePress Premium review for additional information.

Ummm, did I mention this theme is fast? Modular design is the reason.

But, what is that?

Modular design is a term used to describe how systems are split into smaller components or modules. These parts are independent and interchangeable, which means you can modify individual features (modules) without affecting the other features in the system.

Choose to Activate Options (GeneratePress Premium theme)

Faster loading times and a lightweight page are possible because of this theme’s activation feature. Instead of your theme loading unnecessary features, you activate the features you want. Basically, only use what you need.

Did I mention Google really likes speed?


Themes have changed over time, but one thing remains true: providing your visitors with great content no matter what device they are using is the goal. GeneratePress’ layout is 100% mobile-ready and optimized for all devices.

With so many people browsing from their phones, it’s important to make your site accessible on smaller screens than ever before. Both versions have an easy-to-navigate design and load quickly even when using older data plans or slow WiFi networks!

Generate Press will keep you competitive in the digital world because more and more people browse on their phone screen rather than a desktop nowadays.

The GeneratePress theme delivers to your audience the best possible experience on their phone, tablet, or desktop.

SEO Friendly

The developers prioritized SEO (search engine optimization) when developing the Generate Press theme.

There are tons of themes out there that look great, but that’s it….. just a pretty face.

GeneratePress is known as SEO industry experts. The developers optimized this feature when developing GeneratePress to help your site rank better on Google.

GeneratePress Free

People often choose the Generate Press free theme because it comes with many features that competitors charge a premium price for.

The free version is good for creating simple websites. If you are looking for a theme that puts you in full control of customization, then I recommend GeneratePress Premium.

The free version also supports major page builders like Beaver Builder, Divi, and Elementor Pro.

It is absolutely free to download and is hands-down the fastest and best free theme out there. And the Premium theme only makes it so much better.

The Magic Of GeneratePress Premium

Check out my GeneratePress Premium review for more detailed information. The following are features exclusive to the GeneratePress Premium theme.

Benefits Of A Full-Width Post Layout

Premium gives you the option to build a full-width layout. A full-width layout for CTA (calls to action), newsletter opt-ins, or any other item of high priority has an advantage. This design is a clever way of grabbing your reader’s attention. Let your audience decide without blatantly being in their face by using too many pesky pop-ups.

GeneratePress Free Theme vs GeneratePress Premium
Color Options

Vast Customizing Options for A sleek Look

  • Colors 70+ options plus Google Fonts
  • Typography (fonts) 100+ options plus Google Fonts
  • Graphics including Icons
  • Spacing Customization

Menus Plus

The Menus Plus offers sticky Navigation, Off-canvas Navigation, and mobile menu,

Sticky Navigation Transition has 3 options

  1. Fade – your sticky navigation will fade in once you start scrolling.
  2. Slide – your sticky navigation will slide down once you start scrolling.
  3. None – there is no transition, as you start scrolling your navigation will simply stick to the top of your screen.

Off-Canvas Navigation

Mobile Menu Icon

The off-canvas navigation is a great option when there are numerous display links to fit in the traditional top horizontal navigation bar.

Mobile Menu

The navigation cleverly collapses into a mobile menu with the universal 3 bars icon (for menus) and the text reads “Menu.”

Mobile Header Option

This option is perfect if you want more real estate on your website to display larger images or other content at the top of screens with smaller widths. Check out the difference in size between the default website header, at the top of the phone and the streamlined mobile version below the arrow.


The elements feature a favorite among many, places you in the driver’s seat when customizing the look of your site with headers and layouts. Let’s not forget about the advanced hook feature saving so much time when connecting with other apps.


The headline that sits right smack dab at the top of your website. You want to be able to control how that looks. After all, it is your brand.


You decide how your content is structured and categorized and displayed.

Advanced Hooks

The advanced hooks feature a favorite among many. This allows for communication and site verification with apps like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, PayPal, Bing Webmaster, Pinterest, MailChimp, etc.

Disable Elements

This feature gives you the choice to disable specific elements on any page or post. For example, let’s say you have a large photo that takes up too much space when viewing from a mobile phone. Easy enough, you can turn off that image for the mobile platform, but yet keep the website image displayed on desktops and tablets.

Secondary Navigation

The secondary navigation is an extension of your primary navigation. It appears once you’ve landed on one of the primary menu pages.

Secondary navigation includes all of those things you might want to share with people but it may not be the primary interest of why they came to your site. For example, this would include links for “About us,” “Contribute,” “Advertise” and so on. For other websites, the links might be for the client area, FAQ or help page.

Import and Export:

Very useful if you want to transfer/export your custom settings to another one of your websites or a client’s website.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

GeneratePress vs GeneratePress Premium
GeneratePress vs GeneratePress Premium
Easy to Use
Fast Loading Speed
Site Header
SEO Friendly
Mobile Friendly
Expansive Customizing
1-on-1 Customer Support
Blog Customization
Full-Width Post Layout
Custom Copyright Footer
Advanced Backgrounds
Advanced Hooks
WooCommerce Customizer
Additional Color Options
Additional Font Options
Additional Language Options
Additional Menu Options
Additional Site Library
Disable Elements
Secondary Navigation
Comparison Table of GeneratePress Premium vs. GeneratePress Free

8 Bottom-Line Reasons Premium is a Solid Choice

Professionals know GeneratePress and Its Developers Deliver a Trustworthy and Reliable Product.

There is No Risk, No Obligation, and a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee from GeneratePress.

This Theme Adheres to WordPress Development Best Practices.

Create Custom Layouts and Designs With No Coding Knowledge.

GeneratePress Prioritizes SEO So Your Website Has a Fighting Chance to Rank Higher.

First-class support if you experience any technical glitches.

Competitive Value at $59 (Yearly) or $249 (Lifetime)

A 40% discount on your renewal if you opt into the yearly subscription


If you’re looking for an easy user experience, an awesome balance between fast page loads, and a responsive design, then GeneratePress Premium is for you!

Generatepress Premium Is One Of The Most Popular Themes Available Within The WordPress Editor (3,474,685+ Downloads).

gift box with pink bow

There are many other themes out there with their own unique style – no other theme can match what Generate Press brings: stability (my website never crashes using this), speed (I get page loading times as low as 1-2 seconds!), simplicity (you don’t need any coding knowledge whatsoever) AND affordability all wrapped up in a magical little pink bow.

Just kidding, it doesn’t come with a bow!

I’m yelling from the rooftops that you won’t be disappointed with the Premium theme.


You’ll be hard-pressed to find a site builder or blogger that doesn’t love GeneratePress. From its sleek, customizable design and blazing fast load speeds to the vast number of features it offers for novices and professionals alike, this theme is one you won’t want to pass up on!

Needing guidance on which theme or option is best for you? Go ahead and send the worker bees (me) at Marmalade Monopoly a message. You can also find loads of help as I did in the marketing community I belong to. Many seasoned affiliate marketers and computer wizards are eager to find solutions to “how-to,” “what about this,” and “has this happened to you before” questions in the chat area. The starter membership has always been complimentary. You can see more about it here.

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