Ways to Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast & Free

If you want ways to Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast & Free, this article has the answers. There are nine ways to break down how to improve your website visitor numbers.

I will break down some of these sources for you and proven effective strategies for getting more traffic to your blog posts or website pages. These methods work reasonably quickly if you use them consistently. Pick one or two strategies to start and bring more traffic in just a few weeks of taking action. With consistent use of these tactics, you’ll see the results.


Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast

I want you to try Quora, first. The Quora app is a great way to get your questions answered. The internet has created this fantastic opportunity for people with the same interests and needs as you to come together and answer those questions. People on Quora want their problems solved- so take advantage of that opportunity.

So, I want you to answer some questions- but don’t spam or create sketchy things! Then one of your articles related to the question provides value; link it back relevantly. Don’t use affiliate links or anything like that; you’ll find yourself with a traffic increase from Quora visitors.


Create infographics to attract links from other websites and make your online business more successful. You can do it using Canva: first, find the most popular pages on your competitor’s website with an SEO tool like Ubersuggest; then create an infographic based on these popular topics.

Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast - Canva

Infographics are a growing trend in digital marketing because people love linking to them. When you create infographics and publish them on your website, you’ll find that people love linking to infographics, and you don’t have to come up with the data. Infographics provide the opportunity to get information out on social media and other platforms without having to come up with data or research, which means you don’t need an extensive budget for graphic design.

Remember to give your competitor credit by linking to their page and using their logo on the infographic. That way, people will see where you got your data from! You can also find sites that link back up to this competitor’s site and reach out to someone at those websites who might want a link in return. Many users prefer images instead of reading through a list of statistics. An infographic is a welcome change to the boring list.

Facebook Groups

The third source I can recommend is taking part in Facebook groups. Here are Facebook pages for every industry, and no one talks about them anymore! But you know what? They work.

Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast - Facebook

I recommend joining your niche’s page to build a strong following on the platform now. There is no better time than right this moment because there is so much content competing with yours with no engagement or interaction from fans.

Once you’ve gone into a discussion, try to add value by making valuable comments and adding more information after establishing credibility; linking to your website where relevant will gain visitors. It would be best to link to your website so that traffic can also come from there!

Instagram Stories

The fourth thing I recommend is Instagram stories.

Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast -Instagram

With a story, you can talk about products, blog posts, or podcasts and advertise them to your followers by adding a “swipe up” link, direct traffic straight to your website. You can do this multiple times a week!

If you are attending or putting on an event, I highly suggest using Instagram stories so that those who can’t be there and those at the event itself get a more intimate look into what’s happening.


One of my sources for you is Restream. With this tool, you can broadcast a live video simultaneously to all these sites: YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram…to name a few!

A live session allows your viewers to see and hear your message. Use the chatbox to input your links that take them directly to your website or products pages. If they have questions, they can also access your contact page via your site. This ReStream strategy is an excellent way of driving traffic as well!


Strategy #6 is to post PDF carousels on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, if you upload a PDF that’s many pages, it turns the file into a carousel. People can swipe and get all of your data in an interactive infographic- it gets tons of engagement and comments! When this happens, you’ll get way more followers on LinkedIn. Once you’ve gained more followers, you can link to your website or articles to drive traffic.


Twitter is another one of my favorite social networks. It doesn’t get as much traffic as the others, and it isn’t always easy to interact with people on Twitter, but the people you find are often very high-caliber. So, if you take part on Twitter, leave comments and interact with others, then post links to your website! You’ll gain more followers for yourself and a better chance of getting them interested in what you offer!

Offer White Label Tools

Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast - girl on mobile phone

I have a straightforward last strategy for you. It’s one of my favorites: releasing a tool on your website for free as though it were a gift that keeps on giving. You can go to sites like CodeCanyon and buy tools, which I do with this strategy-I, spend about $10 or $20 bucks for some tools, then release them for no cost on my website.

You can do it. Sites like CodeCanyon allow you to white label the tool, and then boom, you’ll get more traffic. That’s how you keep growing your traffic!

You can go to sites like CodeCanyon, get some free tools or tools that are low cost, and release them for free on your website. Over time, I get more traffic because people return to use these free tools again! That’s how you keep growing your traffic.

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Conclusion of Ways to Increase Traffic Coming to Your Website Fast & Free

A website is only as valuable as the number of people who visit it. So, it would be best if you thought about implementing consistent methods to increase your website traffic. Measuring and increasing website traffic can feel like an uphill battle. But, by incorporating a few simple strategies, you can start improving your site’s visibility and increase traffic coming to your website fast and free.

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