Wealthy Affiliate Review: Why It Is Worth Your Time

I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and my decision was pivotal to improving the knowledge and skills that I really needed to grow my online business. So, I felt that I wanted to share my experience with you in this Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Madison Lincoln

I am confident that you will want to give Wealthy Affiliate a try after reading this review. So, you should know the following 3 important things:

  • The Starter Membership is FREE
    There is no credit card needed as the Starter Membership is free
  • I Will Help You
    I am there to help you inside the WA platform to answer questions and share my knowledge
  • Dedicate Your Time
    Learn, ask questions, AND take action.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

In this Wealthy Affiliate Review, I’ll share the reasons why you should consider joining too. What I have learned has helped turn around my online business, and it’s been nothing short of phenomenal! The training, tools, and community support within the program far surpasses any other programs offered today. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Where to Start with Wealthy Affiliate

The Wealthy Affiliate community is a thriving, energetic hive of activity. Regardless of your skill or experience level, there’s something for everyone here – whether you’re just getting started in the world of blogging and affiliate marketing with no idea where to start.

Wealthy Affiliate Helps Your Business Grow

Because you may not know where to start, here are some areas where Wealthy Affiliate can help you.

  • SEO optimization
  • Social Media management
  • Monetize your blog content through advertising revenue streams like Google Adsense (and other ad networks)
  • Diversify your income sources by expanding into new markets via online channels

This training benefits both novice entrepreneurs AND experienced professionals alike.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review you are about to read is based on my own personal experience as a member and using the methods and strategies taught inside
Wealthy Affiliate with much success.

How Does It Work?

Building your own business can be a stressful experience. But Wealthy Affiliate’s powerful online platform delivers the tools and support system needed to build an internet business. If you are new, don’t worry because you will learn how even beginners can make income through Wealthy Affiliate’s training courses and access to tips and tutorials from experienced marketers!

Wealthy Affiliate is perfect for beginners as well as those who are more experienced!

Wealthy Affiliate is a Comprehensive Marketing Platform

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything that they know about marketing. This program takes the guesswork out of all facets of online business–it’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking for an education on internet/marketing skills! You will learn how to build your website easily, drive traffic to it, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

They have an amazing platform for anyone looking to make money online. The best part? It’s FREE!
It’s not always easy to tell which affiliate marketing platforms are genuine. But, Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that has been around since 2005. There’s nothing better than success on your own terms with no need for cash upfront in the form of membership fees or credit card information.

The free membership shows how much the founders of Wealthy Affiliate believe in their platform. Take advantage of this FREE STARTER account, take the classes, and talk with others in the community to decide if it is right for you.

The Beginning of Wealthy Affiliate

Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun started Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and now reside in Victoria, BC. At first, WA started as a keyword search tool for Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Before starting WA, Carson and Kyle were already successful with online businesses.

wealthy affiliate review - image of Carson and Kyle owners of wealthy affiliate

Over time, the site continued its evolution and transitioned into a training platform with a community forum. These two additions were trendy, and as a result, membership numbers continued to increase due to positive feedback circulating by word of mouth and via the internet. Numerous reviews noted that the training offered was so relevant and groundbreaking.

But it didn’t stop there; Carson & Kyle always envisioned constantly improving the platform by offering the BEST training.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 12 years and has more tools, training, and support resources than any other online place.

The platform you experience today has been in the making for many years. Astonishingly, they continue to improve upon an already great platform.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 16 years

Carson & Kyle are very involved with their WA members and genuinely want to help people

They were successful before they started Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Review: The Training

Wealthy Affiliate’s focus is for the member to learn about online marketing. What I do know is that people all learn in different ways and at various speeds. Can you imagine how challenging that is to create a platform to consider the many types of learning styles? Wealthy Affiliate has all those bases covered by offering various classes to suit most students.

Wealthy Affiliate’s training, tools, and personal support can help you get your online business underway for the beginner and take the already established marketer to the next level.

Let’s take a look at each of the different training methods:

Core Training

Wealthy Affiliate Review - image of training courses for the wealthy affiliate online entrepreneur certification

As soon as you get going with your Starter Account, which is FREE, the first thing you can dive right into is the 1st training course titled, “Online Entrepreneur Certification-Getting Started (Level 1).” 10 lessons make up this core training. Your outcome will result in you having a good understanding of the affiliate marketing concepts and familiarizing yourself with the marketing terms.

As you progress through the training in Level 1, there are a few tasks for you to complete. The goal is to keep you engaged and interact within the member community.

5 Certification Courses Offered

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Getting Started
  2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  3. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Making Money!
  4. Online Entrepreneur Certification – Mastering Social Engagement
  5. The Business of Content – Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Levels 2 through 5 are offered in the premium level membership, which is also task-based to assure you can put into motion what you are learning.

After you become more experienced, the certification courses will always be there and serve as a great refresher if you forget some concepts.

The Level 1 “Getting Started” course is in-depth and delivers task assignments to keep you engaged.

Levels 2 through 5 are comprehensive and give you a head start with making money online.

You can ask questions inside the training platform, which are answered by Kyle and Carson or other community members.

Wealthy Affiliate Review: Live Training

Wealthy Affiliate offers live-streaming classes on various topics weekly, geared to all skill levels. At the end of each live training, there is a live Q & A session where the trainer/instructor can answer your questions right then and there.

Since I am a frequenter inside the live platform, please feel free to say hello if you ever see me online. My username is KCSquirrels!

No Upsells

You may have attended live training sessions before, and at the end, there is usually an upsell or a sales product promotion. You will never see upsells or people pitching products inside the training platform.

Live Training Classes are Recorded

All live training classes are recorded so in case you can’t make the live session. So rest assured if you miss the lesson, the recording will be on-demand and be posted for viewing 24 hours from the time of the live session.

Members are encouraged to leave a star rating and comment about each session.

Hot Seat Webinars

“Hot Seat” webinars are also a great learning experience for WA members. This is where members submit their website information to be critiqued by one of the WA’s marketing experts. You will usually see Kyle, Carson, or Jay conduct these informative sessions.

The hot seat webinars are as close as you will get for a one-on-one coaching session for the hour without having to shell out the money. The insight is valuable and geared towards improving the look and content of your website as well as getting ranked on Google.

There are several live training sessions offered weekly, covering an array of topics.

A live Q & A session follows every live training where members can get answers to questions in real-time.

Hot Seat Webinars are fantastic opportunities to get live website feedback from a marketing authority for members’ sites.

Community Training

One of my absolute favorite things about Wealthy Affiliates is the community. There are so many members willing to share what they know. The community is ready and willing to help when you need it. It is a dog-eat-dog world out there, so this type of genuine caring is rare. If you were in a spot where you needed help, you could post a question for me on the message board, but there might be five responses in the first few minutes before I even had a chance to answer. The point is there is a wealth of knowledge and helpfulness among the WA members that is unmatched.

User Generated Content

Wealthy Affiliate Review - image of web classes offered in the wealthy affiliate online business community

Another great advantage of this platform is the User-Generated Content. When you are a premium member of WA, you can create your own training for others to take advantage of after a certain time period. There are many opportunities to learn new skills from others who have the experience. It is like an open platform where members can publish their content and build a learning community that only gives more value to your membership.

Peer-Reviewed Classes

Members offer their expertise and teach you how step-by-step. Others can see how helpful the training was because members can post reviews about the content.

I belong to a few affiliate marketing Facebook training groups, and there is nothing more annoying than people trying to sell you something when you are trying to learn. These tactics don’t belong inside a learning platform because it is too distracting, and you won’t find it inside WA.

The community training creates a portal of diverse learning opportunities.

You have the potential to earn income from your training based on the reviews.

All community training courses are monitored 24/7 for spam and product selling.

The Tools

To run a business of any kind efficiently, you need the tools of the trade that deliver results. You can’t expect a carpenter to work without their toolbox, and the same applies to affiliate marketers. When used correctly and put into action, the tools available through WA are reliable and deliver the results you would expect. Let’s briefly take a look at each one.

WA Keyword Tool

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Jaaxy keyword research tool symbol

The WA Keyword tool identifies what words or information users “Googling” in the search engine. WA wants its member’s websites to reflect the content people are “Googling,” which gives a greater chance for the website to rank in Google. To offer highly searched content, you must understand the user’s search behavior. Well, guess what? The WA Keyword Tool does exactly that.

Including the correct keywords in your content is a key factor influencing ranking with Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. The WA Keyword tool delivers data from the last 30 days regarding the number of times a keyword or phrase has been searched. Also, you are informed about how many websites are ranking for the same keyword or phrase. Now you can tell how stiff your competition is.

Let’s be real here, running an online business without a proper keyword research program is like asking your dentist to tell you why your tooth hurts without an x-ray!

Kitty City Squirrels

Site Builder [SiteRubix]

The SiteRubix tool helps you build a website in a matter of 30 seconds to minutes. Today’s technology allows the person with no experience in this industry to build their very own website.

SiteRubix - what is SiteRubix about

The SiteRubix software takes away the once numerous steps of installing a WordPress site. Without this software, most of us with no experience would be completely overwhelmed. Thankfully, Wealthy Affiliates has solved this problem for us, and there are only 4 steps in the website building process.

  1. What kind of website do you want to build? (Free site)
  2. Name your website
  3. Choose a look for your website
  4. Build Your Site

If you aren’t familiar with installing WordPress, there can sometimes be roadblocks. However, SiteRubix takes away all the frustrations that once used to exist with building a website. I selected my domain name, installed WordPress, and logged in to my site in a matter of minutes. This is no exaggeration.

Site Hosting

Wealthy Affiliate is by far one of the best WordPress hosting platforms around has set some of the industry standards.
Before I joined WA, my site was hosted through another platform. I found that not having my website and all my tools in one central location does not work. WA’s platform takes a lot of worries away, and it can be such a huge hassle. Having your website and tools all in one central area takes away so much stress. I have dealt with technical support on several occasions, and not only are they accommodating, but very fast with responding to your question or inquiry. Not only is the hosting speed lightning-fast and reliable, but it seamlessly integrates with SiteRubix and Site Domains (which I discuss further down) to make your website building experience simply a breeze.

Here are a few features that come with WA hosting your website:

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Full redundancy
  • Daily backups
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Fully managed
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto-login

The best part of this is that if you become a premium member, there is no “additional fee” to host your website. SiteBuilder and SiteHosting are available during your trial-period Starter account and continues when you become Premium or Premium Plus members. Here is a quick breakdown of what you get with each.

Starter Members = 2 Free Websites (on .siterubix.com domain)
Premium Members = 50 Websites (25 free .siterubix.com website and 25 on your OWN Domains)

Site Domains

Wealthy Affiliate members now have the ability to buy domain names right inside the community platform. If you already own a domain, the process of switching the Wealthy Affiliate hosting is simple.

Wealthy Affiliate has a simple method to buy a domain name. Within minutes your new domain is up and running and ready to go to work.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - review from a wealthy affiliate member about domain purchase

If you have ever purchased a domain name in the past, you can certainly relate to the many upsells or technical situations you could experience with your purchase. Being able to perform all these tasks in one central platform takes away a lot of stress. Have a look below to see what’s included when you purchase a domain name. Your domain name comes with:

Wealthy Affiliate Review - testimonial from satisfied wealthy affiliate member
  • Privacy
  • Domain Security
  • Email
  • Backup
  • Support
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificate

All the tools are easy to use and don’t require extensive learning

All the website tools (domains, site builder & hosting) easily integrate

Hosting is very powerful and provides a single-click login to your WordPress site

The Support

The support offered at Wealthy Affiliate dominates the competition. WA is simply awesome. No matter what skill level you are at, there is a support channel for everyone.

It’s essential to have the help you need to speed up your learning potential. I admit that some great courses are available on the internet where you can learn how to become an affiliate marketer, but those courses leave you hanging by not offering any real support.

The Wealthy Affiliate support team can help you with any issue you may have. And did I mention they are speedy?

Live Help

Wealthy Affiliate takes pride in their community and provides support for everyone with instant answers to questions, personal help, coaching, and the ability to interact in real-time. The Live Support is available 24/7, so it doesn’t matter what time it is where you live; the live chat is always open.

Private Messaging

You have the ability to contact any Wealthy Affiliate Premium member privately to get feedback about your online training or projects. Get this; you can go straight to the top and message the founders, Carson & Kyle, for feedback or private coaching whenever you feel the need.

I’m not sure where privileges like this are offered anywhere else to get individual feedback for your website campaigns or advice on getting started.

Live Q and A Sessions

As mentioned above, WA has Live Video Classes where at the end of each lesson, there are live question and answer sessions where you can get answers to your questions via a live video feed.

Website Feedback Platform

If you ever needed some community-led feedback on your website, then the Website Feedback Platform is a great way to go about that. For every 2 feedback reviews you give, you can request 1 site feedback review.

Engagement in the form of comments on your website is a key component to ranking in
Google and the other major search engines. SiteComments is the only platform in the
world to get real comments from real people interested in your
type of website. Only available at WealthyAffiliate.com

Training Classrooms

These classrooms are similar to a forum where you can present your questions to the WA community to answer. Also, you can search the “question history” to see if the topic or question has already been addressed. If so, you can read up about it in the online post.

There are a plethora of available support channels to help you within minutes.

The support comes in several different formats (chat, written & video)

It creates a great sense of community whereas everyone is helping each other

Wealthy Affiliate Review - image of various online classes offered

Success at Wealthy Affiliate

This is the opportunity where you can jump in and mingle with those successful people inside of Wealthy Affiliate (including me), all while you are learning to build and run your own online business. It is important to note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme as it takes time, hard work, and dedication to build your business and achieve any level of success.

Final Thoughts on the Wealthy Affiliate Review

Starting an online business with help from people with experience can make all the difference. The Wealthy Affiliate platform is a fantastic option to prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

That being said, I want to stress again that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Success is not easy, but it also does not have to be difficult with the help of Wealthy Affiliate. WA provides all the guidance and tools you will need to succeed.

Thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliate review. I truly believe this program is a turning point leading to success.

So, do I think Wealthy Affiliate works? YES– Wealthy Affiliate will help you get you to YOUR next level.

I Am Inside WA Ready to Help You

Along with all the awesome support channels available in WA, I will also be there to help you on your online journey. So, you will have Kyle, Carson (the co-founders), and Me at your side, guiding you along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate Review

When you get inside the WA member area, check out:

  • Custom tutorials
  • Weekly live training videos
  • Step-by-step live case studies that have earned thousands of dollars

All this is waiting for you. All you have to do is grab your Starter Account.

I want to welcome you to the WA community. When you create your Starter account, please message me (KCSquirrels) from your personal profile. Throughout your learning process, you can message me anytime with any questions.

Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership

A reminder of what is included in the Starter Membership. You can also check out the comparison table of membership benefits.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Zero Risk guarantee symbol
  • 100+ Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Course Training Lessons
  • Easy Website Builder
  • Web Domain Marketplace
  • State-of-the-Art Web Hosting (10 websites for premium members)
  • Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Affiliate Program Marketplace
  • Weekly Live Training Webinars
  • User Generated Training
  • Worldwide Community: >2 Million Members
  • 24/7 Technical Support Team on Standby

You’re at the point of decision.

Wealthy Affiliate wants to guide you every step of the way.

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