How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

How to learn affiliate marketing for free with Madison Lincoln

One of the most common questions I get asked is, “How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free?’ So, I thought it would be helpful to write about how you can get your online affiliate business started. My journey has not always been as straight or as detour-free as I would have liked. However, each of my detours has taught me lessons that allowed me to build upon the next, so every attempt after that was a lot less bumpy and more successful.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways of earning income online and one you should seriously consider. The problem is, not everyone knows the correct steps to make money with this type of marketing. What happens, in the end, the majority of the time is that people say, “affiliate marketing doesn’t work.” When in actuality, they really meant, “affiliate marketing didn’t work for me because I didn’t learn the right methods to becoming successful.”

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Worth It?

Affiliate marketing is definitely worth the effort if, and only if, you have the drive and are willing to invest the time to master your niche. You can join most affiliate programs for free and learn how to use marketing strategies that bring visitors to your website to make sales on products or services you are offering.

It’s also a good way to create your products to sell or services while building an email list of your perfect customers. Having a huge email list over time allows you to make passive and stable income with your affiliate programs because you have a list of buyers who already know you, like you, and trust you.

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

1st Step on How To Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free

So by now, you must be pretty interested in learning about becoming an affiliate marketer. Well, you have landed in the right place. Marmalade Monopoly is here to help steer you in the right direction and guide you on getting started in affiliate marketing for free. If you need a platform to support your learning efforts to get started for free and not even need a credit card, click the “See the Formula” button below.

Marketing Networks

There are marketing networks available that connect merchants to affiliate marketers who want to promote the merchant’s product or services in exchange for a percentage commission. Affiliates carry out the promotions by using their own website, blogs, social media, email, and many other creative ways.

There are countless merchants to chose from, and it is easy to get very excited and start signing up to be an affiliate for dozens of products. While that may seem to be a great idea, having a large variety, my advice is to find a niche that you are good at and enjoy and take a deep dive. At first, you may think just choosing one thing is too limiting, but believe me, once you get the ball rolling, there is going to be plenty to work on to keep you busy.

Once you begin to pick up speed and become more proficient with the tasks involved in making your business work, you will have many chances to expand your network and start building a business that will be with you for years to come.

How Should You Go About Choosing An Affiliate Niche?

Step one is to choose a relevant niche. Well, what the heck is a niche? This is an interest, category, or subject that a specific audience, your customer, finds attractive. Don’t forget, when you start, you only want to pick one category. Any more than one category will be overwhelming in the beginning.

Building trust with your audience or customer is crucial to the success of your online business. So choosing a niche where you are knowledgeable or passionate about will come across more genuine with your audience. Trust plays a major role in whether or not people will buy from you. Think about a few topics, but make sure they are specialized and not too broad of a category. To give you an example, let’s say you are interested in pets. Well, there are a million could write about under the topic of pets. Let’s narrow that down and choose one pet. How about cats? That’s better but still too broad. We could think of a breed of cats like Siamese. There is a multitude of ways you could take that topic. For instance, an article you could write is, “Do Siamese Cats Make the Best Companions,” or “Do Siamese Cats Meow A Lot,” and “Do Siamese Casts Like to Walk on a Leash?”

If your category is too broad and very popular, like the category “pets,” there will be tough competition and will lessen your chance for financial success. Our world is overwhelming enough, so a specific niche is crucial. The next step is to use online tools to research in-depth the prospective market available for your chosen niche.

Quora is a great site to gather research. The website is community-driven, where people post questions on every topic imaginable. Searching for your chosen topic will help you understand what people are looking for regarding this niche. Once you know what problems they are facing, you can research products or services that solve their issues.

Google Keyword Planner is another tool that is vital in understanding what keywords are popular in a particular niche. Meaning, what words do people type into the internet “search bar” to get information about your subject and who your competition is, and help you determine how profitable the niche you selected could be for you.

I can show you how to learn affiliate marketing for free and access exclusive tools far superior to what I have described by clicking HERE.

Sign Up To The Affiliate Marketplace

Signing up as an affiliate is usually completed online and is a short and pretty simple process. Information usually asked is for the user’s details, affiliate details, and financial details, for example, how you would like to be paid.

Once you have submitted the online form, your details will be reviewed within a few days, and you will receive an email asking to verify your account. When the network approves you, you will be required to complete your profile and select which merchant’s products and services to promote. You will use the recruiting tool to view those products and services. Using a directory is pretty straightforward, and each directory will post step-by-step instructions on navigating the site.

Let Your Website Shine

Your website should have a clear connection to your niche and the niche of the merchant you’re hoping to work with. Your audience will be most responsive if you’re promoting brands that fit within your brand image, as it speaks to your authenticity. This will help to keep users engaged and returning to your site. Equally, merchants will be most responsive if they’re clearly able to see the relevancy and synergy between your affiliate site and their products, indicating more sales and commission for both parties. 

Opportunities for promotional space should be obvious, including sale messaging, coupon codes, banners, and imagery. Adding these tools to your website, alongside informative content pieces or strong calls to action, can all work to persuade a consumer to purchase through your site. Take advantage of seasonal focuses to tap into key customer behavior trends and maximize your sales potential.  

Now What?

It might feel slightly overwhelming when you log into the user interface (UI) for the first time as a new affiliate marketer, but it will all make perfect sense over time. 

What is the right affiliate program? 

After you’ve spent time working on a concept for your website, the next step will be to find relevant products and services. Remember to keep focused on your niche. Focusing on applying to the right types of affiliate programs for you will help maintain your website’s quality and authority. 

I Put the Affiliate Links Where?

Once you have been approved to market those products and services, it’s time to add these links to your website. Each directory will give you several options to add affiliate links. They go to great lengths to make it as easy as possible. Most use a custom link generator.

  • Use the custom link generator – If you’re writing about or featuring something specific, copy and paste the URL for the product page into the custom link generator in the directory interface.  After selecting the program you want to promote, this will automatically generate an affiliate tracking link unique to you that can be added straight to your website. 

Most directories offer a host of promotional tools you can use to further promote your affiliate business. This is where a platform and community whose sole focus is marketing comes in handy. This platform ensures you are guided in the right direction when it comes to knowing the proper way of how to learn affiliate marketing for free.

How Well are You Doing?

Most directories offer reports that allow you to track your sales and commissions. Do make sure that you view this regularly. Understanding these reports can help you understand what your customers are purchasing through your website. Eventually, you will be able to tell which products or services bring you the best converting traffic. You can customize your approach and focus on products that your customers tend to purchase more from there. 

There are usually a variety of reports to choose from to give you specific information that can be tailored to specifics. These are examples of the kind of reports you will see.

  • Activity Details – Get a snapshot of all your most recent affiliate link activity – clicks, sale amount, commission, and more.
  • Merchant Summary – This report will unveil key information you need about a merchant partner.
  • Invalid Links – Use this report to view broken links, including Merchant ID, Banner ID, the reason why the link was invalid, and the referrer.

Feel Free to Reach Out With Any Questions 

I am always happy to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you are wanting to know how to learn affiliate marketing for free at I can help you get started for free and even without needing a credit card. So grab this opportunity and click the “See the Formula” button below.

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