ARIIX MLM Review: Different Does Not Always Mean Better

If you have been told there is a “great opportunity” waiting for you then keep reading because this ARIIX MLM review is meant for you. You may be wondering if joining ARIIX will be the lucky chance that sets you free from the 9-5 grind, as well as make your own rules in life, and earn a significant income.

Multi-level Marketing (MLM’s) opportunities are very tempting to join when you are looking for additional income. They tend to have flashy and inviting websites that make you believe the products sell themselves. Don’t get too excited just yet because this review may ruffle some feathers along the way. But that is ok, because I wrote this for you, not them.

This unbiased ARIIX MLM review will uncover what ARIIX is all about. I want to help you make a smart decision about whether or not you should spend your time and money on this business. Let’s get started, shall we?

ARIIX MLM review

What is ARIIX?

The company was founded in 2011, by former executives of USANA Health Sciences. ARIIX is a multi-level marketing company currently operating in 23 countries. In the United States, the business is based in Utah. Fred Cooper is the founder and CEO. Mark Wilson is the President and a founder as well.

ARIIX is different than most MLM’s. They don’t manufacture their own products. Rather they take over other MLM companies and rebrand the products. This method gives the Independent Representatives a variety of products to sell. They can choose one or more products that fit their lifestyle.

The statement below was taken directly from the ARIIX website.

“ARIIX was founded on the principles of integrity and always doing the right thing no matter the cost. ARIIX Representatives are a part of a global, tightly knit family that represents the best of what one can become. And it’s through this familial spirit that we are able to unite, make long-lasting friendships, and maintain a successful circle of influence so that together we can unleash our human potential for good.”

So then tell me why if this company is as good as they claim why then do 50% of the representatives in MLM’s quit during the first year? ARIIX is no different.

Are ARIIX Products Worth Their Price?

Repeat business in direct sales is crucial, so the products better be top quality. Well, you are in luck because ARIIX has a scientific advisory board dedicated to health and wellness that help develop each of the products. The board must give their stamp of approval on formulation, quality and purity before it is approved.

In addition to the advisory board, they also have a Wellness Council as well as an Athlete Council. These groups keep ARIIX executives up to date on the wellness community and nutrition required by athletes.

Some, but not all products are endorsed by the program called “Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free” and PETA.

I’ve always said you get what you pay for and ARIIX is no exception. The specialists they employ for nutrition consultations and the careful process needed to obtain cruelty-free endorsements on various products can’t be cheap. A mark-up in the product price is reflected in the sales price. I am not against paying an increased price when quality and safety are involved.

The ARIIX Opportunity?

When you sign up as a representative with ARIIX, your membership year begins. This date is important because there is a fee paid yearly to remain a representative (more about that later). Also, ARIIX requires a one-day training session that You are required to pay for. A sales rep prospect must be sponsored by a current ARIIX representative. You will become part of your sponsor’s downline which means they will earn money every time you recruit someone new or make a sale. 

A basic ground-level entry into the company requires the purchase of 200 PVs of Ariix’s product. How that translates into dollars depends on where you live. But believe me, no matter where you are in the world, joining won’t be cheap. Once your membership is active, you can set up a personal e-store to advertise products and make retail sales. You can also sell products directly or as a seller on Amazon which is an unusual perk for an MLM company.

How Much Does It Cost to Join ARIIX?

To become a distributor, there is a requirement to purchase an Ariix enrollment pack. There are a whopping nine enrollment pack choices ranging in price from approximately $300-$2100. The new distributor’s sponsor is the one who will financially benefit from the purchase of a more expensive pack.

There is a pretty hefty start-up cost. The sales representative must also meet a 100 PV (about $150) of product sales to qualify for earning commissions. The minimum sales quota can be very difficult to meet. Also, 70% of the representative’s sales must be to another person not earning a commission meaning “a real customer.”

The money does not stop there. Once a year you will have to shell out $25. This fee is for the honor of selling the Ariix product line. As you can see, buying into the “Ariix Opportunity” can put a real dent in your wallet.

ARIIX MLM review

Can You Make Money with ARIIX?

So, remember how much money is needed to join Ariix? Anywhere from $300-$2100 to get your foot in the door. Out of the 43,945 part-time representatives in 2016 (the most current income disclosure), the average income made per year was $2025. Do you notice in the image below there is no mention of the number of full-time representatives?

Ariix MLM review

Pros of ARIIX

Kitty City Squirrels
  • An annual cost of living allowance
  • Sales can be made through a personal e-store or through Amazon
  • A dedicated scientific advisory board, wellness, and athletes council
  • Experienced management
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau since 2015 and at the time of this review have an A+ rating
  • They advocate for no animal testing for any of their products even in foreign markets
  • Active duty military personnel are not required to meet their monthly quota when on deployment, temporary duty, change of stations, or assignments outside of the United States
  • They are located in many international territories including China, Taiwan, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, Mexico, and Australia

Cons of ARIIX

Kitty City Squirrels
  • The company rather a distributor recruit new salespeople than sell product
  • The market is already overwhelmed with health and wellness products for sale
  • The start-up costs are expensive
  • Monthly sales quota required to remain eligible for commissions
  • Each year there is a $25 renewal fee to continue selling Ariix products
  • A compensation plan that is complicated to follow
  • They brag about their compensation plan is like no other MLM, but their recruitment tactics are the same as any other MLM company.
  • There are no territory restrictions, meaning your area could be oversaturated with representatives
  • Very strict rules to adhere to if a representative sells products from other MLM companies

Is ARIIX a Scam?

I can say that Ariix is not a scam. Overall, the company seems to be one of the better MLM choices. There are no other MLM companies that provide an annual cost of living allowance. However, I still do not recommend joining Ariix because 99.7% of sales representatives lose money.

The following passage, taken directly from the GlassDoor website, is from a Phoenix, Arizona ARIIX representative.

This was without a doubt one of the biggest if not the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life. To those who do this I feel bad for you and wish that you would find more legitimate ways to make money. There is no positive takeaways from this company because it is founded upon lies and deception. If someone offers you “the opportunity to make more income” or “try selling the products if you love them” then politely decline and run as far as you can. The good reviews are made by those brainwashed and they are trying to throw off the bad reviews. There is a reason why they will not spell out the name of the company when recruiting a new person for the first time and that is because they don’t want you to look it up online before coming to their cult-like indoctrination and see that it is a scam. They want young, naive, hopeful people who are in tough financial situations so they can manipulate and take advantage of them for their own financial gain.

Final Thoughts

Behind every successful business is a great deal of work. The insignificant amount of money most will earn from putting in a countless number of hours is extremely disappointing. For someone that is looking to make a stable income or rather much income at all, ARIIX is probably not a smart opportunity.

If learning more about the MLM business lifestyle interests you, do take a look at my Uforia MLM review.










  • No animal testing
  • Located in many international territories
  • A+ BBB Rating


  • Saturated Market
  • Strict rules to adhere to
  • Annual $25 renewal fee
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