Avoid This #1 Mistake When Starting an Online Business

Before we dive into the article, Avoid This #1 Mistake When Starting an Online Business, let’s make sure you are in the right place.

Do you have dreams of building an online business but just not sure where to start? If you answered yes, you are in the right place!

Have you been trying to piece everything together on your own, feeling completely overwhelmed and confused? Then you are in the right place.

So keep reading because I will cover how to avoid this #1 mistake when starting an online business if you want to replace your 9-5 job.

Who Are You….Sam or Libby?

This story is about two of my friends. I will call them Sam and Libby. Both have completed some basic online business training and searched through countless YouTube videos, surfing the internet, and downloading free e-Books. At the same time, they are both very excited about building a new online business because they want out of their current jobs. They are both ready to build their business and start making money.

Sam’s Approach

Avoid This #1 Mistake When Starting an Online Business

Sam decided he needed to find customers ASAP and did not want to waste any more time or money than he already had, so he signed up for a few social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube because this is what everyone else is doing.

Fast-Forward to Social Media

Now Sam tried talking about himself and his new online business inside many Facebook groups while chasing leads to make a quick dollar. He did not have a specific focus for his business, and he just wanted to sell to anyone since he figured that’s what everyone else did to make a quick dollar.

Calling Anyone & Everyone

He threw out a wide net to catch anyone and everyone who wanted to lose weight, look younger, or learn about cryptocurrency. He spent hours chatting to people on social media, sending photographs of people who lost weight, or used a secret potion to look younger, and snapshots of Bitcoin and Forex trading financial statements.

Spinning His Wheels

He agonized over creating the perfect caption for all his posts, but they really weren’t targeted to a certain niche or customer. He was trying to attract everyone. He didn’t have any solid products he believed in to promote, and he really wasn’t interested in blogging about these topics either. Sam was so busy, burnt out already with no focus. Sam, well, he was all over the place.

Libby’s Approach

Avoid This #1 Mistake When Starting an Online Business

Now in strolls Libby. She asked for help which was pivotal so she could avoid this #1 mistake when starting an online business. She had a vast knowledge and tons of passion for the health and wellness industry, however, she also knew that she didn’t know the first thing about marketing or building an online business. She immediately asked for help. So instead of wasting time and effort jumping in head first, she joined a marketing community to help mentor her in the online business-building process.

Gained Clarity

First, Libby narrowed down her exact niche, invested time and thought into gaining clarity on her ideal customer and what problems she would help people solve.

Took Advantage of the Tools Within the Community

Thanks to the tools offered for free within the marketing community, she put together a website that was easy to build because, frankly, she was definitely not “techy.” She researched products to promote and selected one she felt she could stand behind, thanks to the resources available in the online community platform.

Built A Solid Foundation So Libby Could Avoid This #1 Mistake When Starting an Online Business

Once she built her foundation, she began marketing her products, but not just willy nilly random marketing. She followed a blueprint for how to properly market her affiliate products and services. Continuing to focus on the core strategies she learned in the marketing platform’s online videos and live classes, her website popularity and traffic increased.

Why Are Sam and Libby’s Outcomes So Different?

So, let’s take a look at each of their outcomes. Sam, of course, grew very frustrated very quickly because he developed a big following on social media but nobody ever purchased his products. He also had a great website, but almost zero traffic. He couldn’t understand why he was failing, after all, he was blogging, posting, and creating tons of content but only had a few sparks of interest that frankly went nowhere.

Being Busy Doesn’t Equal Success

Although Sam was crazy busy nothing was happening and he was still stuck at his job that he hated.

Now Libby, on the other hand, within weeks of implementing her marketing strategy, was receiving consistent traffic, converted that traffic into sales, scaled her income, and loved what she was doing.

Libby was beyond ecstatic and continued to fulfill her passion by helping people solve their health and wellness challenges. After a few months, she felt confident enough in her consistent income that she strolled into work and handed in her resignation.

Whose Results Would You Like, Sam or Libby?

So, let me ask you, do you want results like Sam or Libby? Obviously, the answer to that question is that you would want results like Libby.

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I can sympathize with these two scenarios because, just like Sam, I did not avoid this #1 mistake, which is getting stuck and failing to ask for help when building an online business. In the beginning, like Sam, I really didn’t know what I was doing. Just throwing a lot of things at the wall to see what stuck. I tried so many things, like skipping steps to save time and doing everything in the wrong order. It was obvious to everyone but me that I had no idea what I was doing.

Get Help BEFORE You Get Stuck

So many of us, including myself and Sam, get stuck and don’t seek the proper guidance or mentor. Please be sure to avoid the #1 mistake when building an online business is not seeking help when starting out. Sam’s downfall was that he did not have a clear business game plan and quickly jumped into social media without much knowledge. Also, Sam would most likely give the advice to start marketing only one product at the very beginning. These actions caused a quick downward spiral and ultimately Sam ended up nowhere fast.

As I look back now, I eventually took Libby’s approach, and I freed myself from being stuck in my soul-destroying job. I got super specific on my niche, determined my ideal customer, and created quality content for my website.

Avoid This #1 Mistake When Starting an Online Business

So why was Sam and Libby’s outcome so drastically different? Because Libby asked for help and was fortunate to have the guidance and the mentorship of an online marketing community platform. She used proven strategies, that have been tested and proven to be successful which enabled all the pieces of her online business to seamlessly come together. This proven system is what mattered the most and made the difference between Sam and Libby’s outcomes.

Steer clear of Sam’s approach and when building your online business, do follow Libby’s footsteps where she found a wealth of knowledge just waiting to show her the way to the lifestyle of freedom she wanted to live.

You can follow Libby’s blueprint by clicking below to see the formula and read more about the community marketing platform both Libby and I joined to fuel our success.

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