iMarketsLive Review: Can You Have this Dream Life?

If you think the stock market is big, wait until you hear about the Forex market which is the focus of the iMarketsLive training platform. The Forex market processes a whopping 5 TRILLION dollars worth of trade volume each day. iMarketsLive wants to teach you how to make smarter decisions in market trading.

In My iMarketsLive Review, I reveal the truth behind the iMarketsLive MLM program. Now let’s see if we can get to Easy Street via iMarketsLive’s Forex and Cryptocurrency training.

Quick SummaryiMarketsLive MLM
FounderChristopher Terry
Business ModelMulti-Level-Marketing (MLM) company
Price to Start$274.95 start-up fee & $275/monthly membership fee
Application RequiredYes
Best ForPeople who are social & excel in leadership & team building

What is iMarketslive?

iMarketsLive is an international company operating in over 120 countries that provides education and software to help people make smarter decisions in market trading. Forex currency trading has been around since 1971. They’re an international Forex Company, with the core of their business in Foreign Exchange Trading (or “currency trading”). The idea here is much like owning stocks: you buy and sell currencies, like the U.S. dollar or Euros.

iMarketslive MLM review trading cryptocurrency

iMarkets Live is a company that covers cryptocurrency markets, including coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Their company had a goal in 2020 and that was to educate or enrich more than one million people. That’s pretty ambitious!

Forex trading can seem incredibly challenging to get into from an outsider’s viewpoint–especially for beginners who might not know where they should start.

The educational content trains the user in recognizing harmonic patterns in the forex markets, helping identify possible reversals in the market.  Mastering this skill can help you analyze and get insight to have great earning potential.

The company was started in 2013 by CEO Christopher Terry and is in New York City.  Mr. Terry started his MLM (Multi-level Marketing) career in the early ‘90s with Amway. Mr. Terry claims he did not earn much money back in the day. Yet, he follows that statement to say he gained something more valuable than money, which was a “mindset of wealth.”

Is This For You?

Is this fantasy life possible, or is this really just a dream? Forex trading has been known to be exceedingly difficult.

iMarketsLive wants to teach you how to make smarter decisions in market trading. In their words, they simply educate and empower people to regain financial freedom and success being with you every step of the way.

They also highlight that Forex trading requires hardly any money to get started.  You can start an account with only $50, where other trading accounts can cost $1000-$5000 to start. The company says they have over 50+ educators and strategies that work and you can sign up with no contract or huge fees.

How Does iMarketsLive Work?

iMarketsLive Christopher Terry

The CEO, Christopher Terry (as per the website’s claims), established the company in 2013 & is dedicated to helping newbies with Forex and Cryptocurrency education through the IM Mastery Academy. This platform educates subscribers to help them generate significant profits by making smarter investments.

iMarketsLive conducts business in over 120 countries.  They offer over 100 training videos and modules in Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency with all levels from beginners to advanced traders in 8 languages.

Tools Offered by iMarketsLive:

Harmonic Scanner: It is a tool that helps to search for harmonic patterns in exploiting and profiting off them. In a nutshell, the tool scans the market in real-time and gives you alerts for different price patterns and trading opportunities.

Web Analyzer: The tool does the same, especially with cryptocurrency, for an additional fee.

SwipeTrades: This alerts you to “Forex trade ideas,” including risk management and expert guidance, for an upsell of $17 a month.

SwipeCoin: It is a tool exclusively meant for CryptoTrades. There is an upcharge of $100 per month.

Can You Make Money with iMarketslive?

Less than 1% of people who join MLMs make money. Oftentimes people get lost in the idea of the get rich quick hype, but in reality, only end losing money.

According to the iMarketsLive compensation structure, distributors can make anywhere from $37.50 a week all the way up to $125,000 weekly.  Wow!

The company has made public its 2020 income disclosure sheet. You can view the document here, but I have arranged the figures in the table below for easy reference.

Take note that the income figures I am revealing are for a 12 month period NOT a week.

% of DistributorsiMarketsLive 2020 Distributor’s Average Total Earnings for 12 months
2020 Income Disclosure iMarketsLive

Yikes, these numbers are terrible. So, do I believe there is a potential for a lot of income? Absolutely not! The company focuses on recruiting vs selling their education and market software tools.

Pros of iMarketslive

Kitty City Squirrels

As promised, this iMarkets Review will give you the good AND the bad stuff.

  • 100% money-back guarantee

All your money will be refunded if you are not satisfied with the program if requested within 7 days of joining.

  • There is some potential for income without recruitment

Almost all MLM’s require recruitment and must have a sizeable downline team to make additional income.

  • Free membership

If you refer 2 people who purchase a monthly membership, your monthly membership is free.

  • Plenty of education

The company offers videos, online training software, tutorials, and live help sessions.

Cons of iMarketslive

  • Far-fetched income claims
Kitty City Squirrels

They were so far-fetched the FTC stepped in and required a transparent income disclosure statement.

  • Countries have issued warnings about their unauthorized operations

Here is the warning from the UK, France, and Belgium, Spain, and the USA.

  • Yearly membership fees

The company stresses individuals who are serious about building a more meaningful life and investing in their financial education should purchase access to ALL their programs.  The programs include academies, goLIVE mentorship, and strategies.  This will cost an initial payment of $324.94 and a monthly fee of $274.95.  That comes out to be a whopping $3624.34 for the first year.

  • Lack of Trust

Usually, you can predict future behavior by past behavior.  The CEO, Christopher Terry, was connected to Zeek Rewards, which was shut down for fraud in 2012 by the SEC.

In 2014, the founder, Paul Burks, was convicted of four felony charges with almost 15 years in prison.  He played a leading role in the $850 million Ponzi scheme that affected nearly a million people worldwide.

  • Lack of Information

Also, there is very little information about their executives, company story, or background on their website.

Is it iMarketsLive, iMarkets Live, or iMarketsLife

The correct name of the company is one word with the “i” being lower case with a capital M and L.

Is iMarketslive Legitimate?

My iMarketsLive review has determined that I can’t call this MLM a scam, but the company does not have the best reputation in the United States or abroad. 

Most people make under $500 a year.

I leave it up to you to take what I have presented here in this review and decide if you want to go against the odds.

Most people who join MLM’s are destined for failure.  Whenever you lose money, the company makes money.  This method sounds remarkably like how Las Vegas operates.

Final Thoughts

My goal was to clarify the financial outlook for anyone joining iMarketsLive.  Relying on this job opportunity for an income may prove troublesome. I don’t think you are going to feel at ease when you go to sleep at night. Take a look at the Matilda Jane MLM Review to see if your odds are any better.

Image result for las vegas

Even taking a risk at the roulette wheel in Las Vegas gives you better odds than joining iMarketsLive.

The CEO, Christopher Terry, claims you can make money even when you are not awake.

Let’s put it into simpler terms.  If 10,000 people were competing for a lottery jackpot of $10,000, the odds of you winning are 300 times higher than making a profit from an MLM.  Now, aren’t you glad you read this Imarketslive review?

Would I join iMarketslive?  I can honestly say I would not because buying lottery tickets and going to Las Vegas sounds much more enjoyable. If those odds do not discourage you, losing your savings, friends, and family to high-pressure sales should do it.

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